Quality Commitment

NABH Accreditated

At Rao Nursing Home, we pledge to provide you with the highest quality care and maintain a safe environment for you to receive care. A culture of continuous quality improvement exists and objective criteria are in place to provide evidence of high quality of care. We are committed to delivery of quality services as an integral part of our patient care with the goal of achieving clinical excellence and patient satisfaction along with safety.

The Quality Assurance Department has a young and vibrant team of Quality executives, and is headed by Dr. Sushila Kawade  accreditation coordinator and Ms. Sherap R. Simick Manager, Quality Assurance.

We believe that.

A customer /patient is the most important visitor of our premises 

He is not dependent on us

We are dependent on him

He is not interruption on our work

He is the purpose of it

He is not an outsider on our business

He is a part of it

We are not doing him a favor by serving him

He is doing us a favors by giving us an opportunity to do so

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