Medical Services


The Services available in Rao Nursing home are the following.


Diabetic screening, counseling, monitoring & treatment with periodic follow up Evaluation & medical treatment of obesity

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Dental Services

Normal dental Procedures Restoration of teeth(filling and scaling) Root canal therapy (RCT) Fix & Remove dentures Oral Prophylaxis (Polishing) Tooth Extraction Wisdom tooth surgery Crown and Bridges Fix

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Electrocardiogram(ECG) 2D – Echo Ambulatory BP monitoring Stress echo Holter Angiography & angioplasty EP study -2 Temporary pacemaker implantation Permanent pacemaker implantation Balloon valvuloplasty (

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Preoperative assessment for anesthesia Intraoperative care of patient during surgery which includes pain management Post operative pain management Anesthesia for day care procedure Anesthesia for

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Blood Storage Centre

Components after leukodepletion: Red blood cell concentrate (RBC’s) Packed cell volume (PCV) Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) Stored plasma (SP) Platelets concentrates Single donor platelet (Apheresis

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