Medical Services


The Services available in Rao Nursing home are the following.


Innovative treatment for psoriasis & vitiligo Specialized treatment for pigmentation Hair treatment Cosmetic treatment of skin diseases Radiofrequency surgeries Skin grafting surgeries

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ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat)

Routine OPD procedures in ENT Endoscopic examination in ENT (video laryngoscopy, nasal endoscopy, nasopharygoscopy otoscopy) Emergency management in ENT Audiometry studies Tracheostomy Major surgeries in

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Vascular Procedures

Thromboembolectomy IVC filter to prevent pulmonary embolism Thrombectomies Aneurysm replacements & venous surgeries as well as vascular trauma cases Limb claudication / leg pains Gangrene

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Diagnostic upper & lower GI Therapeutic upper & lower GI which includes control of bleeding, dilatation & removal of polyp Variceal banding/ligation. Glu injection Endoscopy

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